Book Review: How To Be A Grown Up, by Daisy Buchanan

Book Title: How to be a Grown up

Author: Daisy Buchanan

Published: 2017


Last December I turned 25 years old. I can honestly say that not only has this year been the first of my twenties that I’ve actually felt my age, but it’s also been the one where I’ve felt the most lost, confused, reckless and vacant. I’ve questioned all the life choices I’ve made in the past 5 years, the position I am in currently and where I will end up in the next 5 years. And whilst all of these thoughts have been running through my head, all I could think was: I must be the only 25-year old I know that could be this out of control of her life at my age….until now.

How to be a Grown Up by Daisy Buchanan should be every 20-something’s bible that they carry around with them at all time to remind themselves that all is okay, particularly when it feels like the world is ending.

Daisy’s style of writing is so mesmerisingly brutal that there were a number of times I almost had a ‘projectile spit my drink out’ moment. Each chapter of the book is split up into the sections of life that every 20-something-year-old will struggle with at some point (Relationships, money, friends, anxiety, confidence) and although she uses some very real and often personal experiences through each chapter, she really makes you feel like she’s on your level. I honestly cannot tell you the number of times I found myself blurting out “Oh my god, yes!” whilst reading, on one occasion to look up and find a bus full of very bewildered passengers staring back at me! But that is how relatable the book is. Don’t get me wrong, not every subject was personally relatable to me and I’m sure the ones that I did find a connection with, may not resonate with every reader, but you won’t be able to help to respect Buchanan for her complete honesty and openness on subjects most of us shy away from discussing.

I found myself blurting out “Oh my god, yes!” whilst reading, on one occasion to look up and find a bus full of very bewildered passengers staring back at me!

Everyone talks about that mid-life crisis, but no one mentions the mid-twenties crises that I think more of us suffer from than we’d like to admit. A few months ago I found myself coming home from work each day miserable. I was unhappy, I felt overworked and underappreciated but I have never been out of a job before since leaving school as since there didn’t seem to be a better job out there, I felt stuck in my unhappy job. Until one day I just snapped. I decided I couldn’t take being miserable any more so I handed in my notice. As I was only tempting, I only had to give a week. Suddenly I found myself with no job and limited money in the bank. I felt like a failure and although I ended up finding a job and being back in work within a month, there has still been this nagging feeling in my gut telling me that I was completely reckless for putting myself in such a vulnerable situation.

Since reading ‘How to be a Grown Up’ however, I’ve realised that actually what I did was brave. I took control of my own life and got out of a situation that was making me miserable and in doing so, forced myself to take charge and get myself a new job, which thankfully is making me much happier.


The only minor fault I could give this book is that I felt it was quite female-focused and perhaps that was the intention. However, I think there are men out there that could also benefit from giving this book a read. We all go through insecurities during our twenties as we try to figure out who we are and Daisy reminds us that it’s okay not to be okay all of the time.

Read this book if You need a reminder of what growing up is really all about…and you need a laugh along the way

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