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Whether you're in a taxi to the airport or on an 8-hour flight across the Atlantic, every adventure needs a good book to pass the time.

Check out these my reviews on all sorts of books in every genre to find your next travel read.

Latest  Book Review: The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

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Beyond the Blurb

If I could sum up my love for reading and books in one word it would always, every single time, be: Escapism.

There is something so magical about being able to open up a book and literally feel yourself falling into the pages, like Alice in Wonderland tumbling down the rabbit hole to a world that it blissfully different from your own. I class myself as lucky to be one of those people that can get so lost in the book I'm reading that I become completely oblivious to my own surroundings. you could throw a bookcase at me and I still most likely wouldn't stir.

However, eventually, we have to come back to reality and the truth is that we find ourselves wishing we could swap our real-life troubles with those, normally more exaggerated that we find in books. What I hope to do with this blog is give readers the best of both, a place to escape to and read about real like but in a way that hopefully brings a little light and laughter to the everyday!

Why can't real life be a bestseller too?


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